It is possible to make reservations on board,a good idea if you want to be sure to get a ticket. Call 0418-499006 or 0760-391040 until22:00 pm each evening.You can book a place for one or several people at once, but be aware that it is the caller who is responsible for the entire booking. All bookings are binding. Cancellation later than 24 hours before departure will be charged full price.In case of bad weather, we have the best knowledge and will decide if the tour will be cancelled. We will then contact all passengers with a reservation,and this means of course, no cost for you.

The person making the booking is personally responsible for the entire booking. If canceled later than 48 hours before departure, you will be charged the full ticket price. If a person does not come due to illness, it will also be charged. Reimbursement is made, however, if a certificate proving the illness is presented.
In bad weather, it is we who have the best knowledge and decide whether the trip should be canceled. We have the right to cancel tours due to technical problems or illness without being liable for compensation.

In the event of cancellation, we contact everyone who made the booking the day before via text message to your specified mobile number and also by e-mail. It is the customer’s responsibility to check the telephone and e-mail the night before.
In the event of cancellation from us, there will of course be no charge for the trip.

Any cancellation is made by calling 0760-391040, press 1 to talk to the operator. NOTE! It is not possible to send an SMS to this number.
It is also possible to email a cancellation to