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Common questions

No, you do not have to, but pretty much everyone does and if you come down to the boat in the morning and it is already fully booked, you will not come. If there are too few people or too bad weather, we will call you the night before and announce this so that you do not go down unnecessarily.

Yes, it’s fine. There is no need to pre-book, just tell when you get to the boat that you want to rent a rod. It costs SEK 60 / person and then a jig is included. If you want an extra cod or herring tackle, you can buy it on the side.

On board there are life jackets that we bring to all passengers in the event of an emergency. These may not be borrowed. On board the boats we have a small number of life jackets for children that we lend. A tip for those of you who want to wear a life jacket throughout the trip is to contact the rescue service. You can borrow life jackets from them free of charge.

Yes, it is fine to pay by card on all 3 boats.

You must be in place at least 20 minutes before departure.

If you drive down to Hamngatan where the boats are moored, there are a lot of parking opportunities in the area that you can easily see once you are in place.

We think that a fishing trip with us should be a pleasant experience and a good memory. If it blows too much, it will not. We have a good view of the wind forecasts and if we think it will blow too much, we will call you the night before and announce this. In some wind directions it is no problem if it blows a lot as we can seek shelter. We do not cancel tours due to rain, snow or fog.

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